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Committed  to the highest level of care is our  driving force. We are dedicated to improving our patient’s health through compassion and empathy. Also devoted to the comprehensive healthcare needs of patients of all ages, North Georgia Medical Associates board-certified family medicine physicians diagnose and treat multiple medical problems ranging from Asthma to heart disease. 

 we pride ourselves on treating each person as an individual. Your health is tailored to your health concerns and specific health care needs. We take the time needed to listen to your concerns and collaborate with you so that you may actively participate in your health care. We believe that together, we can reach a common goal – “A Healthier You”

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Keith Family medicine, Your family doctor

  At Keith Family Medicine , we’ve implemented a team-based approach that improves your access to care and allows us to do a better job planning and coordinating it with you. Using tools and teamwork, we can provide care when you’re sick and when you’re well - before, during, after, and between appointments.  

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The Benefits of Making Us Your Family Doctor


  •  Provide you with primary care when you need it with a care team that knows you and your family. 
  • Listen to you and address your concerns and notify you of test results in a timely manner
  • Coordinate care with specialists when needed and Keep your information confidential
  • Help you stay healthy by giving you easy to understand information and take care of your short-term illnesses and long-term chronic diseases and  assist you to learn about wellness and how to prevent sickness and disease
  • Remind you when vaccines and tests are due and improve your care by continuing to use state-of-the-art electronic health records and e-prescribing